Spécimen d'adieu ( Specimen of Good-byes )

KO YAMADA , Photography / Media Artist

i met you

and i say good-bye to your face



take care

see you tomorrow


someday, you will be gone

i may not be able to ascertain your disappearance

i even have to leave my absence to someone


all i know

will be your face 

on the day we met 

Spécimen d'adieu

(Specimen of Good-byes or Sayonara no Oshibana) series is a conceptual presentation of absences of beings. Photography usually be able to represent one’s presence but absence. However, an image of empty space can only represent it’s emptiness but specific being’s disappearance. In this series of portraits, shot on the ground with live flowers, the gazes of one in photos are fixed permanently slightly off from viewers.

Attentions and reactions make us be aware about ones being and at the same time be aware about ourselves. By fixed ignorance of being, photography is able to talk about our absence.

The series represents confrontations to our absences.


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