Outils pour le sauvetage  ( Tools for Rescue )

Suzukawa,  Atsuko   photographer who works as a psychological counselor at a hospital


There are variety of positions in a hospital.  Each individual works for one's specialty.

However, the core concept among those professions, is "rescue".


Since, I am in the position of psychological rescue as a counselor, I do not know how to use these medical equipment and devices even though I know what they are for.   So I feel somewhat alienated in the hospital. It is no use to compare positions.  However, compare with other medical cares, it is difficult for me to address my role as a part of life-saving rescue.  I look at the role to save a body as a thing exists outside of me.


Doctors have their medical equipment, and I have my words.  If I think that I am touching a "person's" mind with my words, instead of touching a "patient's" body with these equipments, I am not being isolated in the hospital.  I would do what I can do.

I would face with them without preconceptions.


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